“Blood in Dispute” Press Conference (Cambodia)

The 2 biggest names in the Philippines (GMA) and Cambodian (CTN) television industry have signed a deal to co-produced a movie featuring top talents from both countries.

Watch out for the movie which will be a massive hit in Cambodia Cinema’s on August 2015.

Movie Title: Blood in Dispute

Genre: Romance, Action

Mr. Mikael Daez (Philippines)
Ms. Andrea Torres (Philippines)
Mr. Khat Vaihang (Cambodia)
Ms. Meas Thorn Sreynai (Cambodia)
Mr. Tep Rindaro (Cambodia)

Directed By: Mr. Ken Simpson

© J E D A I M A G E S / P I T I K P H O T O G R A P H Y 2 0 1 5

_MG_1895 _MG_1891 _MG_1888 _MG_1822 _MG_1817 _MG_1790 _MG_1770 _MG_1760 _MG_1750


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